Foundation Technology

Omran Ista is a main contractor specialized in geotechnical and foundation engineering. We have mastered the full range of geotechnical engineering processes, special foundations, earth retention systems and ground improvement. The company was founded in 2010 as an executive member of Casagrande S.p.A and with partnership of Behrouz company (founded in 1948).

The focus of Omran Ista is on ground and geotechnical engineering for providing technically advanced and cost-effective foundation solutions. Our reputation is built on engineering excellence and a commitment to continual innovation. With the ongoing development of new techniques in geotechnical engineering, Omran Ista has extended its expertise to the methods such as ground anchors, nailing, soil mixing, jet grouting, diaphragm wall, piles and sheet piles. Owning over 20 exclusive equipments and machinery has brought Omran Ista to one of the very capable companies in doing and completing large and complicated projects in the country.

Omran Ista brings together broad-minded individuals and encourages them to look beyond the constraints of their own specialisms. The result is an independence of spirit that is reflected in the firm’s work, and in its dedicated pursuit of technical excellence. Due to our strong engineering capability, we are able to offer the most cost-effective, complete packaged solutions which are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, helping them to keep down their costs.

Our strategy is to reach national leadership in specialist ground. There are four key elements to our strategy:
• Transfer of technologies and methods within our current geographic regions;
• Design and build capability and offering alternative solutions;
• Expansion into new, higher-growth geographic regions; and
• Acquisition and development of new technologies and methods.